The main facade of Brewery South, as it would be seen on Newell Avenue. Photo courtesy of WGW Architects.

The construction phase for Brewery South Apartments, the latest residential project by Silver Ventures, will commence in August, according to a notice given by the architect to a Texas regulatory agency.

Houston-based WGW Architects Inc. also reported that the project is scheduled for completion by August 2019. WGW estimated the project cost at $30 million.

Silver Ventures developed the Pearl Brewery District, considered one of the most successful mixed-use developments based on the adaptive reuse of a historic beer brewery and plant. Brewery South expands the Pearl Brewery District to its southern limit, by crossing Newell Avenue and building up to the right-of-way shoulder of Interstate 35.

The Pearl Brewery District in yellow will expand south with the addition of Brewery South Apartments. Graphic by Adolfo Pesquera on a Google Map.

Silver Ventures and WGW Architects have collaborated before. WGW designed The Can Plant Residences at Pearl, a 293-unit complex that was completed in 2012 at about half the cost budgeted for Brewery South. The Can Plant now has an appraised value of about $43 million.

Brewery South was first unveiled in December 2016, when Silver Ventures sought conceptual approval of its designs from the city’s Historic and Design Review Commission. In April, the HDRC granted final approval.

The plan for Brewery South is to construct one monolithic four-story, wood-frame building with a 55-foot height. However, it will have a red brick masonry exterior. To provide contrast against the brick, WGW is using metal panels, awnings and trim, and a mix of metal and glass guardrails.

The building will have 223 apartment units and two fully enclosed courtyards, which gives the structure a boxy figure eight appearance when viewed overhead.

Brewery South will have two enclosed courtyards, and the west side of the property leads to the San Antonio Riverwalk. Photo courtesy of WGW Architects.

“The facades of the interior courtyards are planned to have painted fiber cement siding,” Silver Ventures stated in its description to the HDRC. “The pool deck, community living room, library and fitness center all have views of the San Antonio River. A private connection to river level is planned as well. Also, evaluation is underway to reuse salvaged brewery artifacts in the landscape and hardscape design.”

The use of brewery artifacts is a common architectural consideration in most of the structures that were developed at the Pearl. Such artifacts are especially prominent at Hotel Emma, Pearl Stable, the Boiler House Texas Grill & Wine Garden, and Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewery.

Hotel Emma is noted for the reuse of brewery artifacts. Once functional brewery equipment is now sculpture art. Photo courtesy of Hotel Emma.

Brewery South’s access to the Riverwalk is essentially the development’s front yard. With landscaping focused on the western elevation, a pool, and dog park, Brewery South plans to show its best face to the world.

The superstructure will be supported by a concrete podium foundation in order to accommodate an underground parking garage. There will be some surface parking and landscaping, but the building will occupy most of the lot. The project site has an area of 2.5 acres, with a few one-story 1950s era industrial buildings to be demolished. But most of the site is vacant land previously used as a salvage yard.

The east side perspective of Brewery South shows the entrance to an underground garage. Courtesy of WGW Architects.

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